Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Install Apache HTTP Server + PHP5 on Windows 7 (64bit)

Recent installation of dokuwiki (a simple web-based wiki engine) requires a combination of Apache HTTP Server + PHP5 on my 64-bit Windows 7 machine, but setup process didn’t seem to be as simple as “following the wizards”. So I decide to jot a few lines down such that I don’t have to search on the web again when I need to repeat the installation.

1. Install Apache HTTP Server; (just go to the official site and pick up .msi, and install in default path C:\Program Files(x86)\Apache Software Foundation\ seems to be ok)
2. Install PHP5;

This worth a short paragraph. My understanding of the install steps on PHP website is that it should be automatically taken care of by the installation wizards if it is for a popular http server like apache, and the install wizard UI does indicate that too. But unfortunately I didn’t get it to work in which I either got an general error message or no error message but just not working. So I switch to the zip version of PHP5 which is suggested by some article online and following the steps below makes it work properly:
2.1 Unzip the the zip version of PHP5 to your local disk; (unzip it to C:\Program Files(x86)\PHP5 seems to be working too)
2.2 Open httpd.conf file of Apache HTTP server in a text editor;
2.3 At the end of the http.conf file add following lines to make Apache HTTP Server be aware of PHP5; (adjust you path accordingly)
1: # Begin enable php5
2: LoadModule php5_module "C:/Program Files (x86)/PHP5/php5apache2_2.dll"
3: AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
4: PHPIniDir "C:/Program Files (x86)/PHP5"
5: # End enable php5
2.4 Save the change and restart Apache HTTP Server, and if successful you should see
“Apache/2.2.14(Win32) PHP/5.3.1” in the status bar of Apache Service Monitor.
Now your Apache HTTP Server should be able to display php content, at least my php based dokuwiki is running perfect.


  1. Done as you suggested but equals a fail.

  2. Many thanks!

    The installer didn't work. The ZIP version is the good option for PHP5.

  3. Many thanks. This worked perfectly with one small change:
    you have to download the PHP5-zip in the VC6-Version (for Apache Server) and NOT as linked VC9 (that would be for IIS).
    Apart from that, all is perfect :D

  4. try placing
    phpinidir "c:/program files (x86)/php5"

    before loading modules

  5. I've tried all the tips above but no joy. I've tried using the msi and the .zip, VC9, VC6, non/thread safe versions of each, different machines entirely, but still can't get Apache to come up with PHP. Without PHP Apache starts fine, but I need PHP for my applications. Any further suggestions?

    1. Refer to this, it maybe help you:

  6. thanks
    works excellent

  7. Yingxi

    is there a special Apache which should be installed in Win 7 64 bit, and is there a site where one can get instructions on how to install Apache like that

  8. please send your reply about the win 7 64 bit apache install to

    thanks in advance

  9. Yingqi Tang, thank YOU VERY MUCH!! it finally WORKS!!!!